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China: Commercial Contracts Choice of Law & Dispute Settlement Essentials

Welcome to our new ADVANT Beiten edition of the China Commercial Contracts – Choice of Law and Dispute Settlement Essential Q&As! With this publication, we aim to provide you with essential information about China’s regulatory framework on the matters of choice of law and dispute settlement in commercial contracts and to explain some of its core principles.

We do this intentionally in a way which seeks to draw your attention to key issues impacting foreign and domestic enterprises entering into commercial contracts in, or with relation to China. Hence, what we set out in this publication deals with some of the most common questions and situations brought to our attention. What can make these topics challenging is the complexities in understanding the differences between “domestic commercial contracts” and “commercial contracts with a ‘foreign relation’”.

Thus, please read this publication to get a first understanding on what aspects to look at when making such determinations in relation to commercial contracts with a China connection and for any specific questions, please contact us anytime!

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