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About us

Established in 1990, ADVANT Beiten is an independent commercial law firm with around 250 lawyers, tax advisers, auditors, and accountants working from six German offices, as well as offices in Belgium, Russia and China. We are the German member firm of ADVANT, a strong European alliance of independent commercial law firms.

As one of the leading commercial law firms in Germany, ADVANT Beiten advises medium-sized companies, large corporations, banks, foundations, and public authorities on German and international commercial law. We work seamlessly with the ADVANT member firms and our global network of top law firms to ensure our clients receive the best advice and representation for all their legal needs in Germany and worldwide.

Our responsibility

We are aware of the significant impact that our legal and consulting advice can have. That is why we strive to ensure that all our actions are responsible – towards our clients, our employees, and our society.


Our teams are in regular contact with people from many different cultures and cultural environments. We value diversity exceptionally highly. For us, it is important that we provide a working environment in which every individual feels not just challenged, but supported and respected as well. We offer all our teams the same opportunities – regardless of nationality, ethnic background, gender, religion or beliefs, disability, age, sexual orientation, or identity. Objective, professional criteria form the basis for all decisions concerning the selection of personnel and promotions. Should a member of our team nevertheless feel that they have experienced discrimination, our equal opportunity officers are always available to assist in confidence.

Training and Professional Development

We regularly make up our associates to partners. Training and professional development are an essential part of our strategy. With our BB Academy, we’ve established a comprehensive, first-class training programme. Each of our offices has an advisor, who associates can contact if they have any questions about their career. Other experienced colleagues will also provide junior staff with feedback to help them develop their skills and expertise. An important element of our success is the considerable freedom that our junior colleagues enjoy, such as early client contact.

Within our ADVANT alliance, we also offer colleagues the opportunity to participate in our secondment programme to get to know our European partner firms better while gaining experience of a foreign legal system. Close personal networking and an understanding of national idiosyncrasies are vital to seamless and effective collaboration for international clients.


Happy employees are key to success. We utilise the opportunities presented by digitalisation to provide each individual greater flexibility in organising their work. This helps facilitate a good work-life balance and lets team members reconcile work and family life. Associates, but also partners, can work part-time if they choose. Thanks to remote work possibilities, they can adapt their working hours to suit their individual circumstances. We even changed our articles of association to allow part-time work models to apply to equity partners. This is an important step in paving the way to partnership, especially for women.

Environment and Society

Protection of the environment and the sustainable use of resources are firmly anchored in the daily life of our firm. We endeavour to work in a manner that is always environmentally friendly and conserves resources, for example, by avoiding unnecessary travel to minimise CO2 emissions. Naturally, we also accept our social responsibility. We are guided by the motto, “think globally, act locally”: our offices regularly support local charities.

Pro bono Work

Justice is a core value of our society and is something that we, as lawyers, tax advisors and auditors always strive to ensure. We see it as our duty to use our expertise for the greater good and good causes at no cost. We focus on advising and representing charities and foundations that pursue legitimate aims. Pro bono publico: for the benefit of all.

Our membership of Pro Bono Deutschland e.V., allows us to share our professional expertise as part of various social and ecological projects. Pro Bono Deutschland e.V. is an association of law firms and lawyers established in Germany, who advocate civic engagement by providing free legal advice for good and charitable causes.

Pro Bono Deutschland e.V.


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We’re there, where you are.

Do you want to expand into the USA? Do you need advice on a Chinese joint venture? Are you an international investor planning to make an investment in Germany? Regardless of where your path leads: in close alliance with our ADVANT partner firms and top firms in other countries, we can provide the support you need in this globalised business world.

ADVANT Beiten has had an international outlook since the very beginning: in 1992, we were one of the first German law firms to open an office in Moscow and have been present in China with our own offices since 1995. As a founding member of ADVANT, we have access to the expertise and experience of 140 equity partners and more than 600 professionals working in 15 offices in Europe and beyond.

Our international strategy has three pillars:

  1. Our nine locations, where we have our own offices and can utilise our local market knowledge to provide outstanding support for our clients for all their legal needs;
  2. Our centres of expertise for binational business relations; while our experts are not necessarily located in the region in question, they use their in-depth knowledge of that region when working in teams to provide tailored advice for German and international clients;
  3. The ADVANT partner firms, complemented by a worldwide network of top law firms with which we have worked confidently and successfully for many years. We have connections in all European countries and numerous jurisdictions and regions worldwide.


We have established special centres of expertise – or “desks” - for certain countries and regions. Our experts provide focused advice to German and international clients on market entry, projects, investments, and other business activities from within that region or from our other offices.

Our Network

ADVANT Beiten is a founding member of ADVANT, a European alliance of independent commercial law firms. We can reliably support you throughout the complex European legal landscape. We speak the language of Europe: well-established relationships and a common vision for the future. Together with our ADVANT partner firms, we have a network that spans the globe and is based on mutual trust and common values and quality standards. Regardless of where you are or where you want to go, whether North, Central or South America, Northern or Western Europe or to Eastern Europ or Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania or somewhere in the Pacific Region – please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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“Individual solutions need trust. And that is exactly what you’ll find here.”

Salary Partners Haide Spanier and Julia Thöle on flexibility and goals

“Contact to clients early on and flat hierarchies – that’s what I value here.”

Salary Partner Stefan Bräunig about his start at the firm and his career prospects