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Klaus Beine New Head of Real Estate Practice Group at BEITEN BURKHARDT

Frankfurt am Main, 18 January 2016 – The members of BEITEN BURKHARDT's practice group Real Estate Law have elected Klaus Beine, Partner at the law firm's Frankfurt office, new head of the practice group Real Estate Law with retrospective effect as of 1 January 2016, thus replacing Frank Oprée who had headed the practice group from the Munich office in recent years.

On the turn of the year, Frank Oprée has assumed the function of Head of the Munich office of BEITEN BURKHARDT and therefore put down his previous office as Head of the Real Estate practice group. With lawyer and notary public Klaus Beine now a Frankfurt Partner is at the head of the practice group who is member of numerous professional associations and plays an active part in the executive committee of the ZIA e.V. German Property Federation, the umbrella organisation of the German real estate industry.

As head of the practice group, Klaus Beine will focus on further strengthening the cooperative work across practice groups and offices and, in addition to traditional advice on real estate, on further expanding especially the transaction business.

The real estate industry has been one of BEITEN BURKHARDT's core areas for decades. More than 30 lawyers assist our clients with all real estate issues, covering the entire 'life cycle' of a real property.
Such life cycle ranges from acquisition and financing to planning, development, lease and sale of the property.  We advise asset managers, property holders, investors, real estate agents, and other players on innovative forms of selling and trading real property, on funds structures, including regulatory implications, and on non-performing loan and distressed debt trading, as well as on the securitisation of receivables. The lawyers of our firm will also assist you with disputes in and out of court. This is the only way to guarantee efficient advice that is tailored to the client's needs.

In addition to our five German offices, our offices abroad will also ready to provide you with their wide-ranging expertise on real estate matters, not only with regard to domestic but also cross-border real estate transactions, infrastructure projects and public building projects.

In countries where we do not have offices of our own, we cooperate closely with first-class law firms which all share our requirements as to the excellence of quality and service.

Klaus Beine
Phone: +49 69 / 75 60 95 – 250

Public Relations:
Frauke Reuther
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