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Why ongoing learning is important to us

“In order to expertly advise our clients, you need strong legal expertise, good intuition and an understanding of economics. Our Academy is designed to develop this profile!”

We want to help you move from a technically adept and motivated adviser to become a real superstar in the legal world.  And we want to take that journey with you and make it as target-oriented and individual as possible. And of course you can reach each step on the career ladder while working part-time.

That is why we support ongoing learning, in accordance your own personal needs, from the very start: while it is important that new associates are able to quickly interact with clients as equals, more experienced colleagues have the opportunity to deepen their expertise or expand their range.
We worked together with a prestigious university to create a tailored training programme for all our professionals: the BB-Academy. The Academy’s diverse curriculum covers business topics. Kicking off the Academy programme are our proven Newcomer Days. Trends and the feedback of participants help to complete and optimise the curriculum each year anew.

You are also welcome to continue to develop your skills independently, in consultation with your supervising partner. Likewise, we are happy to provide support in gaining additional qualifications, such as becoming a recognised specialist in a particular field of law. So we can achieve our goal together: To provide our clients with outstanding advice of the highest level, time after time.

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The BB Academy programme

We have worked together with a prestigious university to develop the programme for our Academy, based upon the number of years and level of professional experience. The current curriculum has 19 seminars, which can be grouped into three categories: technical or legal skills, management and leadership skills, and professional skills.
To give you a better picture: we offer associates a course on understanding and reading balance sheets. Knowledge of accounting is indispensible for advisors in a commercial law setting. Specifically for salary partners, we have developed a seminar on leading and motivating a team, because communication skills are extremely important to us. Another course deals with conflict management in an economic context; this course was designed with equity partners in mind and offers them the possibility to expand their knowledge of communication and negotiation techniques. The BB-Academy helps us support all our professionals along their career path. 
We assess this programme each year and update and optimise it as we see fit. Kicking off the Academy programme are our proven Newcomer Days, which take place twice a year. We have also introduced some new elements into the programme, such as e-learning and videos designed to support course content. Selected video courses are even available to all staff members. Our seminars are held in our offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Hamburg.

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We are offering e-learning courses for flexible training. The topics are divided into small units on specific elements and are available on demand. This means that you have the option of when and where you do the courses, have short units to complete each time and can use the course material as a reference in your daily work.

Newcomer Days

Our Newcomer Days have proven their effectiveness and are therefore part of the Academy programme. They are a wonderful opportunity for new associates, salary partners and lateral hires to get to know the firm better.


This is what participants have to say about our BB Academy

“The Academy does offer many professionally interesting courses, but the highlight for me was actually the Newcomer Days. They are the ideal way to start a new job because you can establish contacts without the complications.”

Second year associate

“Regardless of how much experience you have in your profession: you have to keep assessing yourself and updating your own expertise. The curriculum offers exactly the right seminars and workshops for this.”

Salary Partner, six years qualified

“The BB Academy is a real win because not only can you build up your technical knowledge, but it also gives you the opportunity to develop ‘soft skills’. Skills such as communication, or oral and presentation skills, which are becoming increasingly important in our sector.”

Tax advisor, three years qualified

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