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Coworking: Legal Guide

Even though coworking has existed globally since 2005, and in the Russian Federation since 2008, as a rule this has not become a widespread phenomenon. Even today not everyone understands what this term means. To date you can encounter a number of stereotypes about coworking, for example, that this is only an issue for freelancers or small businesses. At the same time, however, there has been sustainable growth in coworking. In other words, future potential corporate tenants, which had until recently operated from traditional offices, now need to understand its implications.

In this article Ekaterina Sidenko researches the legal specifics of coworking, the risks inherent in respective lease agreements, the role of confidentiality in coworking, compliance with the provisions of employment law and occupational health and safety, and other contested issues.

The article “Coworking: Legal Guide”, published in the journal Commercial Real Estate, September 2021 issue, is available in Russian in the materials below for downloading.