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ADVENT journey for children as part of our annual charitable action

In line with long-standing tradition, the international law firm ADVANT Beiten organised an ADVENT journey for children from the Kolomna Municipal Social Rehabilitation Centre for Minors.

This year, we acquainted the kids with the Christmas traditions of the European countries representing the ADVANT alliance.
The first day started with a culinary journey where we prepared traditional German, Italian and French Christmas dishes together with the children.

On the second day the kids took a journey back in time to the 18th century and discovered how this holiday used to be celebrated in Russia in those days. During an entrancing trip around the Tsaritsyno Museum and Nature Reserve the children learned not only about the illustrious balls held during the times of Catherine the Great, but were also transformed into gallant cavaliers and ladies for a while, studied every detail of traditional dances of the day, participated in games, and then crafted under supervision the masks which were representative of that era.

Afterwards the children created drawings together where they depicted their emotions and impressions of the ADVENT journey. All their works were subsequently used to create the big picture that you are receiving today as Christmas congratulations from the children.

Christmas Card 2021

Please find more information in English and Russian in the download area.


ADVENT-путешествие для детей в рамках ежегодного благотворительного мероприятия_RU_ADVANT Beiten.pdf



ADVENT journey for children as part of our annual charitable action_EN_ADVANT Beiten.pdf