Successful, rapid transformation with reliable partners

The transition to electromobility, the trend towards autonomous driving, progressive technologies, artificial intelligence, digital networking and new business models pose enormous challenges for the mobility and logistics sector while offering enormous opportunities. Our interdisciplinary team of experts is your reliable partner in this important economic sector, providing solutions for all the legal issues that arise in your ongoing business, assisting with transactions, and representing you in any legal disputes. We advise automotive manufacturers, OEMs, dealers, and transport and logistics companies.

Contractual relationships

Increasingly complicated supply chains have yielded complex, multi-faceted legal relationships. Contracts with OEMs, customers, and development partners are a chief focus of our ongoing legal advice. We are well-versed in the typical agreements and standards in this industry and are up to date with the most recent legal developments. We securely guide clients through demanding contractual negotiations in German and international contexts.

Product risks

Despite the highest quality and safety standards, problems still arise in the industry and can have serious consequences. Complex product recalls present significant organisational, economic, and legal challenges for OEMs and suppliers. Product liability and warranty claims can even threaten a company’s existence. We are very familiar with the various scenarios and risks in Germany and where our international offices are located and ensure our clients react quickly in such cases and take the best legal measures to avert and minimise damage.

Corporate transactions

Advising on M&A transactions, joint ventures and corporate law measures has traditionally been one of our core strengths. This is particularly true in the automotive sector, where our track record in national and cross-border transactions is extensive. Our many years of experience in this sector provide significant added value in due diligence investigations and when structuring and implementing transactions. Our ability to assemble teams from various locations allows us to provide the necessary resources for complex international transactions, even at short notice.


Company success depends on the ability to develop and protect technologies and intellectual property. Establishing responsibility for the development of such technologies and distributing the benefits have become central to legal relationships between manufacturers and suppliers. The rapid development of electronic systems in vehicles and the increasing importance of software have heightened this need. Our IP and IT experts help our clients ensure optimal protection for their intellectual property. This holds true both for the negotiation of agreements and when enforcing and defending such rights in legal disputes.

Labour law

Employment law plays a central role in company management. With more than 65 specialised lawyers, we have one of the largest labour law teams in Germany and advise our clients on all employment law issues. These include individual employment law matters, works constitution law and topics related to collective bargaining agreements, as well as restructuring measures and labour law issues arising in transactions. Specialists from our international offices assist with local labour laws and international personnel management (e.g., foreign postings).

Antitrust risks

Over the past few years, antitrust proceedings have investigated wrongdoing at nearly all levels of the automotive supply chain. Since then, the European Commission, the German Federal Cartel Office, and other national antitrust authorities have been keeping a keen eye on the sector. The significant risks associated with infringements of antitrust law have made the avoidance of such infringements a top management priority. Our experienced antitrust law experts support and advise clients on all antitrust law aspects of contractual agreements, aid in the introduction and implementation of compliance measures, and defend clients in fining proceedings and against cartel damages claims. We assist with antitrust law due diligence in M&A translations and with (multi-jurisdictional) merger control proceedings.


Many companies repeatedly uncover corruption, fraud, and other economic crimes. The significant risks associated with such crimes can even jeopardise a company’s existence. For many years, our international team of white-collar crime law experts have helped clients avoid and reduce these risks. We help with the introduction of preventative measures, assess existing compliance structures, develop effective compliance programmes, and provide comprehensive representation and defence in criminal law prosecutions. In addition, we assist clients with the detection and investigation of offences, the protection of witnesses, and their dealings with law enforcement authorities.