Industrial production is undergoing extensive change: digital technologies and global competition are testing proven business models and forcing companies to adapt and innovate. Sustainable business models are gaining ground and quickly becoming a legal requirement. The byplay between free trade and protectionism constantly changes the regulatory environment in which you operate.

With decades of experience in advising and representing industrial companies and the strength of our global network, we help you face the daily challenges of industrial transformation.

CSR and supply chains

We can advise you on all legal aspects of responsible corporate management and work with you to develop tailor-made solutions for your business in light of the increasing importance of sustainability. We recognise the associated opportunities and risks and help you adjust your company strategy and operative business accordingly. This includes corporate social responsibility (CSR) measures, not least to protect your reputation and avoid liability.

Our team can advise you on all corporate governance matters and the negotiation, structure and drafting of contracts throughout the value-added chain, from procurement and purchasing, through manufacture and production, to sales and distribution. The COVID-19 crisis demonstrated the importance of resilient supply chains.

Robotics / AI

Digitalisation forges ahead with increasingly autonomous robotic systems, artificial intelligence, and new business models - not only with respect to “Industry 4.0”. We support you throughout this journey, helping establish a secure basis for your business model, structuring agreements, and advising on user data ownership and data protection.

International trade law

Increasing antagonisms in world trade and the associated protectionist measures have again highlighted the importance of international trade law for industrial companies. We have assisted our clients with their international projects and provided comprehensive advice on all aspects of international trade law since 1990. Topics range from export control, embargoes, and sanctions to anti-dumping procedures, questions of international payment transactions, and all aspects of investment control law.

ESG and sustainability

We advise on all legal aspects of sustainability and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). These include the legal risks arising from infringements of the increasing regulation of sustainability (e.g., supply chain laws, non-financial reporting requirements) and the corporate opportunities that sustainable corporate governance offers (e.g., subsidies, advantageous terms for green financing).

You can find more information in our legal area ESG.

Energy transition

The transition to renewable forms of energy creates new focuses and measures that require radical transformation and high investment costs. An ambitious stage is set at the political level: the Paris Accords, the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), and, in Germany, the Climate Plan 2050 (Klimaschutzplan) and Federal Climate Protection Act call for immediate planning and action from industry and require companies to intensively analyse future positioning to avoid financial hardship.

As your international partner, we support you on this path and develop solutions that work within the legal and regulatory framework. In particular, we assist you with:

  • the analysis, development, and implementation of sustainable business models, and
  • the planning and implementation of national and international energy production and infrastructure projects, joint ventures and the sale and purchase of companies or shareholdings in companies.

You can find more information in our sector Energy.