So, you’re interested in working at ADVANT Beiten? We’re happy to hear that! Over the past few years, we have noticed that many applicants would really like to bombard us with questions – but often don’t have the courage to do so. That is why we have put together a selection of questions and answers about things we think you should know and which will certainly help you to take the next steps – directly to us.

What you should know before you apply

How can I apply for a position at ADVANT Beiten?

The best way is via our online application form on our Careers page. auf der Karriereseite. Here you can find the details of all advertised positions and can easily upload your application to apply for one directly. Of course, we will treat your application with the utmost confidentiality.

What should you submit with your application?

We would like to be able to get an accurate impression of you from your application. That works best if you provide us with an informative application that includes all relevant documents, such as the cover letter, curriculum vitae and letters of reference from previous employers and training positions.

How does the application process work?

If you manage to pique our interests with your application, we will invite you to come into our offices for an interview shortly thereafter. This will be an opportunity for you to get to know some future colleagues, such as over a casual lunch. It will give both sides the opportunity to develop a picture of whether they can envisage working together and taking the next steps, professionally, together.

If no suitable position is available or if we cannot offer you a position at the time for other reasons, you will also receive a prompt reply from us.

What are the elements of an interview?

It is important to us that we get to know you both as a person and a future colleague in an authentic situation. That’s why we don’t believe in tests or assessment centres. Both sides should be able to speak openly and honestly about plans, goals and perspectives and at the end of the discussion decide together, whether they can envisage a long-term cooperation. Bombard us with all the questions you want. Transparency is important to us.

How long in advance should I apply?

Do you already have a Referendar position? Then apply directly for your “Anwaltsstation” or “Wahlstation” and secure a place with us. Ideally, you will send us your application at least nine to twelve months in advance.

Do you want to do a work placement with us? Then you should send us your application approximately six to nine months in advance.

Are you planning to start your career soon or are you looking for a change in the near future? Absolutely no problem. Send us your application at any time and we’ll take a look and see if there are any positions available that would suit.

How we work at ADVANT Beiten

Would I have my own office or are there open-plan offices?

Our lawyers normally have their own offices, so that they can concentrate on their daily work. Our work students, Referendare and research assistants sit in shared offices. This encourages interaction and provides the opportunity to learn from one another and support each other.

Do your lawyers normally have contact to colleagues from other offices?

Absolutely. In order to best meet the needs of our clients, we put together teams to suit. This frequently brings together experts from diverse practice groups and offices. When you attend training sessions with our BB Academy, you will also have the opportunity to meet colleagues from other offices. All of our professionals also get together to network at our General Meeting, which is held every two to three years.

Do your lawyers normally work on the weekend?

As a rule, weekends are free. Of course, there are exceptions and some urgent cases may require weekend work. But it is important to us that you have time to spend on your personal interests and to recharge your batteries, in order to be able to look forward to the working week ahead.

Is mobile working possible?

All of our professionals receive the latest IT equipment. This makes mobile working possible at any time.

What are the working hours like for Referendare at ADVANT Beiten?

As a rule, you will be in the office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you are involved in an exciting project and want you know how it turns out, you are of course allowed to work longer. But it is important to us that you are rested and able to attend all working group (AG) meetings, and that you use your relaxation time well.

Is it possible to work part-time at entry level?

Part-time work is possible at all career levels – regardless of how unusual the reason for wanting to do so may be. We will work with you to come up with an individual working model that suits all parties. 

What’s the working environment like at ADVANT Beiten?

You feel at ease and enjoy going to work, you look forward to seeing your colleagues and know that you can rely on one another – that’s how we would describe the working environment. You will be treated as an equal and our doors are always open.

Take a look behind the scenes

How can I get to know ADVANT Beiten?

We are represented throughout the year at various university and career fairs, where you can ask all the questions you want. Is that not enough and you want to get your own first impressions? We can invite you to one of our in-house events. Have a look every now and then at our Events Calendar and register for one.

Is there really any chance to start a career at ADVANT Beiten if you don’t have outstanding exam results?

Certainly! Grades are important, but they are not everything - we always look at the whole package. Did you do a work placement or part of your Referendariat with us? Even better!

How long is a work placement with ADVANT Beiten?

So that we can get to know you – and you us – you should have at least three months for any work placement.

As a Referendar, can I choose which area I work in?

Ideally, you will use your time with us to set a course for your professional future. We’d like to do what we can to help. Let us know which area you are interested in and we’ll give you the opportunity to get a real feel for that area of practice and to present yourself as a future colleague. 

How important are training and development?

Your professional and personal development is a very high priority for us. Our internal BB Academy will help you develop your strengths and let you work with colleagues on areas that you want to improve.

Is it possible to do part of your Referendariat or work placement abroad?

Our Brussels Office is always open to law students looking to do a work placement and to Referendare during their “Anwaltsstation” and/or “Wahlstation”. Do you speak Russian or Chinese? Then we can definitely discuss a sojourn in our offices in  Moscow, St. Petersburg or Beijing.

What might trainees find interesting

Does ADVANT Beiten also offer traineeships?

To provide first-class advisory services we require professional support – and for that we need you! Our offices in  Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich regularly train people to become legal assistants (f/m/d) or legal and notary assistants. Many of our trainees remain with us and become colleagues after they have completed their training.

How are trainees mentored?

All our trainees are mentored by experienced colleagues. That way, you will always have a point of contact for all technical or organisational issues. As part of their training, our trainees become familiar with a diverse range of legal areas and departments, and may even spend some of their training at a different German office.

Can I do a work placement?

The earlier we get to know you, the better! You should have at least four to six weeks for any work placement and have an idea of which area of law you would like to experience. Please send us your application at least nine months in advance so that we can ensure that there are still training capacities available.

What does a typical day on a work placement look like?

Our coffee machines take care of making the coffee. Our goal is to give you a realistic picture of the practice as a lawyer in your time with us. That is why we will get you involved in our daily work for clients on your very first day. You will go with us to court, sit in on client meetings, research legal issues and support our lawyers in their work. As different as the various areas of law are, any work placement can be even more diverse. Do you have your own ideas or expectations? Let us know. Both sides stand to benefit.

Further questions:

How do you spend your lunch breaks at ADVANT Beiten?

It is important that you have time to clear your head. Each person decides for themselves, when and how much time they have for a break. Many colleagues go to lunch together at a restaurant close to the office; others bring something from home or order something in and spend time relaxing together in the common rooms that can be found in all of our offices.

Do you actually spend time together after work sometimes?

What’s true for the lunch break is also true for evenings after work. Many friendships stem from working closely together and many colleagues also like to get together after the working day is done to spend time together. We also regularly bring “after work” into the office and finish the working day with happy hour or other celebrations.

Do you have other questions, that aren’t answered here?

Don’t hesitate to contact us: Christine Herzog, HR and Recruitment Manager, will be happy to help you further.