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Cooperation of two Big Ones - Relaunch of Journal in Labour Law

Munich, 9 August 2018 - C.H.BECK, the leading publisher for legal literature, and BEITEN BURKHARDT, the international corporate law firm - one of the largest law firms in labour law in Germany with 55 professionals in this area alone across Germany - from August cooperate for a journal which has been appearing for more than 20 years.

Inka Adam, Dr Thomas Barthel, Markus Bauer, Jörn Manhart and Dr Erik Schmid, lawyers at BEITEN BURKHARDT, take over the editorship of the "Schnellbrief für Personalmanagement und Arbeitsrecht" ("Express letter for personnel management and labour law"). A content-related restructuring, an ambitious sales concept and a modern, new name: "SPA - Schnellinformation für Personalmanagement und Arbeitsrecht" ("SPA - Quick information for personnel management and labour law") are associated with this. New columns, high-calibre authors, a new layout, modern paper, a high-quality sewing and many other new features shall make the journal even more attractive for the readers.

"We are pleased that we may provide the editorship of SPA which consists of lawyers of almost all of our German offices. Intensive discussions were held before in various working groups, until we had achieved a result which will hopefully delight the readers of SPA", says Dr. Christopher Melms, head of the labour law practice group at BEITEN BURKHARD, about
the development of the joint project.

SPA - Schnellinformation für Personalmanagement und Arbeitsrecht - will be published every two weeks further on. Please find more information as well as a free trial under

The new editorship team of "SPA"
Inka Adam. Dr Thomas Barthel, Markus Bauer, Jörn Manhart, Dr Erik Schmid

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