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Regular election of the managing bodies at BEITEN BURKHARDT

After 15 years in office, Frank Obermann does not stand for election as Managing Partner. His successor is the Munich-based Philipp Cotta.

Munich, 26 November 2018 – The international commercial law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT duly elected on Saturday, 24 November 2018, the management bodies Steering Committee, Remuneration Committee and HR Committee during a partner meeting.

After five terms of office and thus 15 years as Managing Partner, Frank Obermann decided not to stand for election as Managing Partner. He will focus now on the operational business and will take the role as Head of the practice group Government & Public Sector by way of election by his partners at the end of his term in office as Managing Partner.

"All partners granted me their unconditional trust during all five terms of office and I am very grateful for this support,” says Frank Obermann and adds: „I am convinced to have reached a point at which the time is right for a change and for something new. Therefore, I decided to step back from the management after one and a half decades and I look forward to being more involved in operational activities."

The partner meeting elected Philipp Cotta, LL.M. as the successor of Frank Obermann. Philipp Cotta is a long-standing partner at the Munich office of BEITEN BURKHARDT and Co-Head of the Competition practice group. In recent years, Philipp Cotta was a member of the Steering Committee of the firm and particularly responsible for international matters. Philipp Cotta will be leading BEITEN BURKHARDT as of 1 January 2019 and he will ensure to keep the firm on this successful path together with the other managing bodies, office heads and practice group heads.

"I am delighted to succeed Frank Obermann in the role as Managing Partner as of the new year,” states Philipp Cotta. "Frank shaped BEITEN BURKHARDT like nobody else and paved the way for many important topics. I am pleased to continue this path and moreover to develop new ideas and to reinforce the future-oriented foundation of our firm."

Dr Hans-Peter Mechlem, long-term CFO of BEITEN BURKHARDT, also will not remain in office. He is succeeded by the Dusseldorf-based Dr Guido Krüger, who has been a member of the Steering Committee for several years and was until now responsible for Marketing and Business Development.

Furthermore, Dr Detlef Koch (Frankfurt am Main), Oliver Schwarz (Berlin) and Dr Axel von Walter were elected as members of the Steering Committee consisting of five members.

As of January 2019, the Remuneration Committee will consist of Dr Axel Goetz (Munich), Heinrich Meyer (Frankfurt am Main), Marcus Mische (Dusseldorf), Dr Thomas Puffe (Berlin), Roland Startz (Munich) and Dr Bernhard Schultz (Berlin).

As members of the HR Committee were elected Christian Freiherr von Buddenbrock (Dusseldorf), Martin Fink (Munich), Dr Dietmar Müller-Boruttau (Berlin), Dr Gerrit Ponath (Frankfurt am Main) and Uwe Wellmann (Berlin).

Frank Obermann
Phone: +49 30 264 71 – 132

Public Relations
Frauke Reuther
Phone: +49 69 75 60 95 – 570


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Philipp_Cotta_Experte_ADVANT Beiten

Philipp Cotta

Rechtsanwalt, LL.M.


Dr. Axel_Goetz_Experte_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Axel Goetz

Rechtsanwalt, LL.M.


Detlef Koch_Experte_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Detlef Koch



Martin_Fink_Experte_ADVANT Beiten

Martin Fink

Rechtsanwalt, Licensed Specialist for Labour Law


Dr. Guido_Krüger_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Guido Krüger

Rechtsanwalt, Licensed Specialist for Tax Law


Heinrich Meyer_ADVANT Beiten

Heinrich Meyer



Marcus_Mische_ADVANT Beiten

Marcus Mische

Rechtsanwalt, Steuerberater, Licensed Specialist for Tax Law


Dietmar_Müller-Boruttau_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Dietmar Müller-Boruttau

Rechtsanwalt, Licensed Specialist for Labour Law


Gerrit_Ponath_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Gerrit Ponath

Rechtsanwalt, Licensed Specialist for Law of Succession, Licensed Specialist for Tax Law, Certified Executor (AGT)


Thomas_Puffe_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Thomas Puffe

Rechtsanwalt, Notar - registered office Berlin


Oliver_Schwarz_ADVANT Beiten

Oliver Schwarz



Roland_Startz_ADVANT Beiten

Roland Startz



Bernhard_Schultz_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Bernhard Schultz

Rechtsanwalt, Notar — registered office Berlin



Uwe Wellmann

Rechtsanwalt, LL.B. DLS (London), Licensed Specialist for Intellectual Property Law