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BEITEN BURKHARDT Advises Wire Group Holdings GmbH on Conclusion of Series B Financing

Dusseldorf, 28 April 2021 – The international law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT has advised Wire Group Holdings GmbH on the conclusion of a series B financing round in an amount of EUR 17m.

Headquartered in Berlin with offices in Switzerland and San Francisco, Wire's award-winning secure collaboration and communications platform counts 1,800 government and enterprise customers worldwide, including the German government and four other G7 governments. For remote and hybrid work models, governments and enterprises need to ensure that they have the right infrastructure in place to ensure both productivity and data security. Wire offers messaging, voice and video conferencing, file sharing, and external collaboration - all protected by the most advanced end-to-end encryption.

In the most recent series B financing, UVC Partners (Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners) was the anchor investor. UVC Partners, a venture capital firm backing early stage start-ups which is located in Munich and Berlin, has invested among others in Flixbus. Other investors were the former shareholders. Also holders of convertible bonds participated.

The most recent financing round follows a three-year period of steady quarter-on-quarter growth and an almost 50 percent increase in the customer base from just under a year ago. Wire is going to use the financing to support growth within the entire company. The company is actively seeking new employees to expand its team - which is leading in the sector - of currently just over 90.

Advisors to Wire Group Holdings GmbH
Prof Dr Hans-Josef Vogel (lead partner, co-head Corporate/M&A, head of the Dusseldorf office), Dr Winfried Richardt, Markus Schönherr (both Corporate/ M&A, Dusseldorf). Christian Schenk (Tax, Dusseldorf).

BEITEN BURKHARDT was also in charge of foreign trade law issues, where Dr. Christian von Wistinghausen and his team (Patrick Hübner, Lelu Li) dealt with the challenging issues of any licensing requirements. Dr. Dirk Tuttlies contributed his know-how to the convertible bonds from a financial law perspective.

Representatives UVC: Görg, Dr Paudtke, Dr Glauer
Representatives Series A: GLNS, Dr Daniel Gubitz
Representatives Iconical Advisory (for Janus Friis): CMS UK, Helen Machin, Dr Weichert
Notarisation: BMH Bräutigam & Partner, Dr Patrick Auerbach

Prof. Dr Hans-Josef Vogel
Phone: +49 211 518989 – 0


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Hans-Josef Vogel_ADVANT Beiten

Prof. Dr Hans-Josef Vogel



Winfried_Richardt_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Winfried Richardt



Markus_Schönherr_ADVANT Beiten

Markus Schönherr


Senior Associate

Christian Schenk_Experte_ADVANT Beiten

Christian Schenk



Christian von Wistinghausen_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Christian von Wistinghausen

Rechtsanwalt, LL.M.


Lelu Li_ADVANT Beiten

Lelu Li



Dirk_Tuttlies_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Dirk Tuttlies

Rechtsanwalt, maître en droit