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Russia: Dispute Resolution

“Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the
competent national tribunals for acts violating the
fundamental rights granted him by the Constitution
or by law.”

– Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 –

When doing business in Russia, as in other countries, disputes sometimes occur. A number of them can be settled through negotiations with the counterparties; however, some of them can grow into genuine conflicts that can be resolved through recourse to the courts.

As a law-based state, the Russian Federation guarantees that everyone can defend their violated rights, including in court. This concerns both foreign companies and investors. Owing to the reforms of recent years the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation are not merely decorative, but ensure a real and effective system for protecting violated civil rights.

Russia provides a broad range of opportunities to settle disputes. In addition to Russian state courts, professional mediators can be engaged, or the dispute may be referred to (international) arbitration. In addition, disputes may be referred to the state courts of foreign states for resolution.

In this brochure, we provide important information on how disputes are considered in Russian state courts. As the saying has it, forewarned is forearmed.The international law firm ADVANT Beiten wishes you every success in Russia, and hopefully without any litigation!


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